Tutor Support

Fully qualified tutors supporting all elements of your study, at a time that suits you.

To further enhance learning, the Universal Business Academy gives learners the chance to purchase tutor support. Each module has an assigned tutor who has been specifically chosen to suit the subject material within that particular module, providing easily accessible professional support for UBA learners.

Tutor support can be purchased in the following forms:

- One to one coaching through online tutorials: students can purchase tutorials on a one to one basis through an email support.

Course Programme Each subject Per month Minimum subscription Effective fee
Diploma RM200 2 months / 60 days RM400
Degree RM200 2 months / 60 days RM400
MBA RM250 2 months / 60 days RM500

The Role of Online Personal Tutor

  1. provide advice on your study schedules
  2. check the progress of your studies
  3. check your test answers
  4. mark your papers a
  5. provide comments and answer to the test papers
  6. provide support on preparing for your examination.

Remember: Online Tutorial is Optional.

  • The Online Tutorial Support is available to students who wish to seek additional tuition for their studies.
  • The minimum subscription period for the Online Tutorial is 2 months.

- Weekend Classes: students can joining a weekend classes with other students in a virtual classroom.

For those who enroll in ATHE program students, the Social Learning Forum is also an additional support that is FREE to use for all students. Tutors may interact socially with students to enhance learning through the social forum, and it is expected that students will form their own learning support groups through the use of the forum.

Weekend classes will be conduct in areas of general interest or demand for grouped learning, providing interaction between students and tutors will provide specific learning on certain subjects.

Kindly contact us at info@universalbusinessacademy.com for further information.