MBA in Business and Administration – LEVEL 7
University Pathways
Level 7 Courses. Many Universities will accept 120 credits as advanced entry onto an MBA top up. It should be noted that Universities with AMBA accredited MBAs will not accept any exemptions but will usually accept Level 6 or Level 7 as entry qualifications.


Globally Recognized
100% Practical, 100% Assignment

The ATHE Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management is a 30 module (120 credit) course, with 40 guided learning hours per module. All modules have an additional 30-50 learning hours of optional materials which includes recommended exercises, reading and internet resources.

On completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management, learners will have the skills to execute a professional managerial role in marketing, accounting, business consultancy and more! The modules are ATHE recognised and are written against prescribed learning outcomes defined by the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) administered by Ofqual, the Government appointed regulator.

Entry Requirements
Age: above 21 years old

Academic Requirements: any one of the following:
- Undergraduate Level in the field of Business/Management/Administrative Management/Finance/Accounting;
- OR ATHE Level 6 Diploma in Management/Business and Administrative Management;

Course Duration:
10 - 12 months

Duration and structure
Semester 1 (4 Months)
Strategic and Leadership Skills
1. Qualities of effective leadership
2. Developing interpersonal skills
3. Motivating and influencing people
4. Making Decisions

Personal Leadership & Management Development
5. Creativity and Problem Solving
6. Studying and Using Management Theories

Strategic Change Management
7. The External operating environment of business
8. Impact of technology on business
9. Governance and Directorships

Strategic Marketing Management
10. Analyzing the Competition
11. Marketing strategy
12. High performance sales
13. E Marketing communication
14. Customers and their needs

Strategic HRM
15. Strategic HRM
16. Recruitment and CPD
17. Measuring and rewarding performance
Semester 2 (4 Months)
Financial Principles
18. Interpreting Business Accounts
19. Tools of Financial Analysis
20. Managing Cash and Working Capital
21. Qualities of effective leadership

Creative and Innovative Management
22. Culture and Ethics
23. Innovation and R&D

Strategic Quality & Systems Management
24. Strategic and Systems Management
25. Implementing and Managing Quality Systems

Strategy Planning
26. Strategic planning tools
27. Strategies for Growth
28. The business plan

Developing successful Teams
29. Developing high performance teams

Project Development
30. Managing Projects
Semester 3
Progress to MBA Top up (4 – 6 months)
1. Critical Issues in Business
2. Business Research Project

“This world-class international MBA programme focuses on you as a leader from the very beginning”

Course Outcome
Graduation Requirements:

Learners will have to complete the following assignments:
Multiple Choice Assessment When:
at the end of all module

No of Questions: 30

Duration : 1hour

Mode : Online

Note: Learners MUST pass the MCA before they can proceed to the next module

RESIT Fee: RM 300 each module

8 Assignments

  • There are 8 assignments to be completed.
  • An Assignment; the word count for the assignment is 5,000 - 8,000 words.
  • Students have to summit all the assignment with soft copy. 
  • Assignments topics and details will be issued to the students after the end of the modules.






Each assignment is assessed as Pass or Fail. A pass grade is achieved by meeting ALL the requirements defined in the assessment criteria for each module. Students who do not meet ALL the requirements defined in the assessment criteria for each modules will be deemed to have failed.

Learning Outcome:
1) Diploma in Strategic Management  (Level 7) - issued by ATHE, UK
2) Progression to semester 3:
MBA Top Up with University. ATHE have direct articulation arrangement with several Universities which give full recognition for entry
3) Progression to SABI University, France (Executive Doctor of Business Administration). - 2 years
Course Fees
Registration Fees
UBA Registration fee £ 100
UK Registration fee £ 495

Course Fees

Study Mode Payment Plan Fee per instalment Effective fee
Online Self -Study
1. Training materials
1 Time Payment £ 1200 £ 1200
4 Times Payment £ 375 £ 1500
Online Library
1. Training materials
2. Lesson videos recorded
3. 8 months online tutor
1 Time Payment £1880 £1880
4 Times Payment £526 £2104

(All the first payment must include the both UBA & UK Registration fees)

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