UBA's Graduation Ceremony 2017
Koji Nishimura

Graduate on 2015
Program: Intensive English Program – Intermediate level.
Nationality: Japanese

I learned English in Universal Business Academy (UBA) for 3 months. It was a very good experience for me. The teacher taught me kindly. When I could not understand how to write a letter, she showed me some examples to write. So I could write e-mails to my friend in Malaysia. I applicate the teacher for guiding me.

Thank you UBA

Udoji Amadi Chibueze,

Course Register: Baccalaureate In Human Resource Administration
Date: 8 June 2014

My Bachelor in Human Resource Administration (BHA) study with British Academics was a very enriching experience. I find the modules really core & enlightening, as it broadened my horizon deeper in the Business and Administrative field. It has equipped & propelled me greatly in embarking currently on my MBA program. The staffs are well composed, really dynamic, qualified, with a pleasant student / staff communication that connotes a "feel good" environment for a higher learning institution.

Shabrina Faris

Program: Intensive English Program
Graduate on 29 Jan 2011.
Director of United World College 

I’m a Sri Lankan., yet I was truly delighted with your care and support towards me. As a student, we always interact socially among our classmates and our respective teacher. This learning centre has demonstrated the love of Christ to the students. They are very caring and supportive to us. No word to explain about my thanks towards the centre and the lecturer as she has played a great role in molding me. Thank you for your effort in serving the Lord. May God continue to bless those efforts.


Course: Baccalaureate in Business Management

Pass with Credit.

I have completed the course of Baccalaureate in Business Management at UBA in 2015.
This course is fantastic and my intention is to enhance oneself to be more knowledgeable and apply such knowledge on my career.
The knowledge I have gained from this course is a great treasure.

Bring up my confidence in all the areas of my job. Accredited by employers and the course support me go up to higher ranking.
Achieved this course's standard had led me to a mature stage. It was a great learning journey and came out with so much better off.

Thank you UBA

Staphannie Ting Suk Yee

Program: Preparatory course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Graduate on 2 April 2016 with High Merit.


Upon completion of the preparatory course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) at Universal Business Academy, I have acquired a rough general idea of what to expect in the educating industry. My knowledge of the basic rules of the English language was sharpened as well. Throughout the entire course, I was introduced to different types of methodologies used in teaching the English language to learners of different levels.

I also benefited from this course when I learn of how to teach different classes of learners. Inclusive of this course is lesson planning. I learned how to design a lesson plan for the classroom. This prevents wastage of time and resources while increasing the worth and quality of the time spent in the classroom.  Besides these, I was encouraged to inculcate fun activities in the classroom that encourages student participations.

Overall, I gained many benefits after attending this preparatory course. I look forward to further my knowledge in teaching English and apply what I have learned in UBA.


Ibrahim Lamurde Friday

Course: Baccalaureate in Human Resource Administration (BHA)

High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Kuala Lumpur.  



Universal Business Academy (UBA) is an outstanding learning institution affiliated to Cambridge International College (CIC) UK. UBA has the prerequisite of modern education core values which consolidate current international standards and teaching modules. I chose to study at CIC via UBA because it offers the unique combination of Management and Administration of people in one programme. This degree has given me perception into these two extremely influential parts of modern-day society and the ways in which they complement each other, specifically in management of organization and business environment. I enjoyed being a student at UBA for the fact that students are drawn from different backgrounds which enable me to meet diverse kinds of people with different cultures. The academic and non-academic staff are exceptional, “Dynamic Team”. Words are inadequate to express my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to study at CIC via UBA. Thank you.

Teo Chai Chap

Course: International Advanceed Mastery of Business Administration

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

EPOMS subsidary of Petronas Carigali sdn bhd.


I started my career in Oil and Gas which involved mainly in technical skills. As my career progress, competency changes toward management skill. I decided to take up management course, that’s how I come to know about Universal Business Academy (previously known as British Academy) in August, 2011. At that time, I am still considering of entering OUM but when I come across UBA, thing changes. That’s when I started to communicate with Shirley related to the offer by the academy. It took me almost eight months and finally I decided to enter into AMBA. Thank you very much to Shirley for her advice, motivation and reminding me of self-improvement.


The challenges started when my company moved me back to Sabah which mean I will not be able to attend tuition and weekend classes. I plan to fly over to Johor Bahru to attend the weekend classes but it was not as easy as I thought. Finally, I decided to study on my own and requested to extend the duration of the course. Today I am proud to say that I have graduated with AMBA award.

Let me quote the book, “Seven Habits of Highly Effectives People” on topic “Sharpen the saw”. We need to look at the opportunity and sharpen our mental then move on again. If you keep working hard without sharpening your mental and upgrade your qualification, you will not go far. Ever since I took this AMBA, my confident and HR management has changed. Just to share, recently I was identified for promotion to Offshore Installation Manager (OIM). For those who are still thinking about getting a degree or MBA, my advice to you, this is the place where you can get the flexibility to study, work at the same time and earn the certificate of award recognition. Take my challenge, never too late to learn and if I can finish my AMBA at this age (50), you all should be able to do better than me.

Mohamed Asraf Ali

Course: International in Business Manadement & Intensive English Programmes

Managing Director of A.M Spice Sdn. Bhd.


I have studied Diploma in Business management and intensive English programme (Basic and Intermediate level) with Univesal Business Academy (previously known as British Academics). The course was 10 month and I went for full time class, so it helped me to learn and complete my diploma faster. Also my lecturer Nantha Balan and Rajeswari Arumugam lead me well through the entire course. It was a good move in my life after I completed by Diploma and English with the Academy. I'm now Managing Director (MD) of A.M Spice Sdn Bhd. Then the course helped me to run the company in higher and foreign standard level.

Chew See Hui


Internal Auditor


When I began to study this course, I found that the textbooks provide the professional knowledge for me by using simple language and full explanation. It was quelled my fears when doing my self-study program.  Besides that, I apply these knowledge in my workplace which can help me to solve a lot of problem on time.


The lecturer also will praise me when I can answer some questions in an excellent way and also will give full comment and explanation to improve my answering skills when I lose marks in my mid-term or trial exam.


I really feel be thankful for UBA for provide me flexible study time and cause I can both have success in my job and my educations. I become more mature when solving the problem in my workplace and this cause I had be promoted from a clerk to an officer and now as an internal auditor with attractive salary in my company.


Thank you UBA.

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