Full-Time / Part-Time Classes

Study mode Full time Part Time
Duration 3 days a week Once a week
Study hours 3 hours per lesson 3 hours per lesson

Comprehensive Coverage

Students looking forward to acquire in-depth knowledge of subjects and courses can join the full-time classes. On average, 2 modules are being taught per week per course spread over three lectures weekly. Students can learn at a more relaxed pace acquiring knowledge three times a week.


Students who have the time to attend full-time classes can benefit from greater commitment. As lessons are conducted three times per week, students can focus on course work regularly to reinforce memory of knowledge received.

Classroom Experience

Students can benefit from classroom experience which offers students opportunities to participate actively in class to enhance learning. Conducive learning environment is available for those who choose to attend the classes. In addition, students can interact and conduct intellectual discussion in groups.

Meet the Lecturer

Students can take advantage of lecturer’s guidance and have access to lecturer’s materials including audio-visual training materials. Also, students that require lecturer’s attention to supervise in end-of-chapter self-assessment exercises can attend class to discuss and seek guidance. Students can shine and have their respective talents nurtured to realize their full potential by the lecturer.

Classroom based courses are offered at Universal Business Academy centre in Johor Bahru Malaysia. If you are interested in gaining your international qualification with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiry@universalbusinessacademy.com